Look: Bruins have ill-advised party in penalty box during Game 2

As the Boston Bruins and the Carolina Hurricanes faced off in Game 2, the Bruins managed to put a great number of players in the penalty box.

During Game 2 between the Boston Bruins and the Carolina Hurricanes, it seems like the Bruins had a less than enjoyable time losing. Of course, it also appears as if the Bruins had a less than ideal sort of sequence of events that led to them loading up the penalty box at one point.

There’s nowhere near enough room in that penalty box for all of those people. The concept of personal space simply doesn’t exist anymore.

Just look at this!

There’s no way these guys could have put any more players at all in that penalty box. It just simply does not feature enough space for another soul to enter into that space.

Twitter reacts as Boston Bruins fill up penalty box

Unsurprisingly, because of the comical nature of packing a penalty box full of people in pads while holding hockey sticks, this scene feels sort of silly. Folks on Twitter definitely had thoughts on the matter.

These folks had to get cozy and comfortable with each other in a very small space. Unfortunately for the Bruins, this wasn’t the worst thing that happened to them in this game.

Just as Game 1 was a bad loss, Game 2 was similarly awful. The Bruins ended up losing 5-2 and are even closer to elimination. Things aren’t looking all that bright for them at the moment.

So, yeah, the Bruins ended up getting their butts kicked. It seems like putting quite a few players in the penalty box may have been a really, really bad plan.

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