Look: Trae Young roasts Knicks (again) with custom shoes at MSG

Trae Young has quite enjoyed torturing the Knicks inside Madison Square Garden and he had a message on his shoes for Wednesday’s game at MSG.

It would be hard to pick your favorite time that Trae Young put Knicks fans through an emotional torture chamber at Madison Square Garden simply because of how many times he’s done it. Whether it was his 45-point outing in March of last season, nearly averaging 30 and 10 in the 2021 playoff series between the Hawks and New York, or something in between.

Young has undoubtedly enjoyed his time in MSG throughout his five years with Atlanta, much more so than Knicks fans who have routinely chanted their disdain for him.

Never one to not stoke a fire, though, Young was in the Hawks lineup after a brief absence amid turmoil in the Atlanta locker room and felt it was a good time to rile up the New York fans a little bit. And he did so perfectly with a pair of custom shoes that had a message for the MSG crowd.

Trae Young shoes send cold message to Knicks in MSG from ‘King of Broadway’

On his blue Adidas sneakers, the side of the heel had a message clearly meant for the Knicks to see as he proclaimed himself “King of Broadway”.

Coming into Wednesday night, it would’ve been hard to argue that. However, it would’ve been a much more powerful message had he and the Hawks been able to back it up.

Whether or not the “King of Broadway” message riled up the Knicks or not, they took out something on Atlanta in the contest as they jumped out to a 12-point halftime lead and only added to that, sitting up 22 after three quarters. For Young’s part, he still played solidly with 19 points, six assists and four boards in 30 minutes, but it was a far cry from his previous ventures.

The feud will only burn brighter after this and the next time Trae Young is at Madison Square Garden, he’d do well to better defend his self-proclaimed throne.

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