Looks like Trevor Wittman will get fired – Fans react to Kamaru Usman sharing hilarious D.U.S.T. meme on his Leon Edwards loss

Kamaru Usman surely knows how to take a defeat on the chin, which was evident from a meme he shared recently on his Instagram stories. Fans hilariously reacted to a meme featuring viral sensation Commander Dale Brown, founder of Detroit Urban Survival Training (D.U.S.T), demonstrating how to defend head kicks.

Brown gained popularity for his unorthodox defense, which he claims enables police and the public to protect themselves from violent attackers. While he has received some flack from the combat sports community for his seemingly ineffective techniques, others have welcomed it as a breath of fresh air.

Former UFC welterweight champion Usman, who recently lost his title to Leon Edwards at UFC 278 after a headkick knockout, was amused by Brown’s approach. The unconventional defensive technique had fans in splits as they reacted to the meme with hilarious comments.

One user hysterically claimed that his head coach Trevor Wittman will get fired:

”Looks like trevor will get fired 🤣🤣🤣”

Another user was thrilled to see Usman in high spirits after the loss:

”Great to see that Usman is in great spirits 😂. Hopefully he bounces back, but is Leon Edwards time for now”

Here are some of the best fan reactions below:

Fans hilariously react to Kamaru Usman sharing D.U.S.T. meme
Fans hilariously react to Kamaru Usman sharing D.U.S.T. meme

Kamaru Usman claims that the memes of his knockout loss to Leon Edwards at UFC 278 serves as motivation

Kamaru Usman exhibited class while discussing his UFC 278 knockout loss to Leon Edwards in an interview with TMZ Sports. The Nigerian-born star claimed that while he wants to recapture his welterweight throne from the Brummie, he is truly happy for his rival.

Following the shocking loss at UFC 278, several memes were floating on the internet, some of which caught Usman’s attention. He claimed that he feels like he’s more famous than ever, and that the memes will fuel his drive when he returns for the rematch:

“I’m so gracious to be in that place and time right now where people just care that much. Like, I thought I was famous before, but f***, with the meme action going on, I feel like I’m famous now. But it’s just an added bonus, an added hunger to the return.”

Watch Kamaru Usman’s interview with TMZ Sports below:


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