Man climbs skyscraper with no ropes, stunning Super Bowl crowds

Huge crowds in Arizona for the Super Bowl were left aghast on Tuesday morning when a man was spotted scaling the Chase Building in Phoenix.

Rescue crews were dispatched attempting to get the man down. It’s being reported he is an anti-abortion activist trying to garner attention from the Super Bowl, but it’s still too early in the process to know the man’s motivations.

In the above clip when he let go and was holding on only by his feet my stomach did 100 somersaults in quick succession.

It has been confirmed the man had no ropes of safety equipment. He was free climbing a gap inside the abandoned skyscraper.

Ultimately the man was able to climb to the top of the skyscraper, where he was met by rescue crews who presumable first ensured he was safe — and then handed him over to law enforcement where he will face a very still penalty for not only pulling off a stunt like this without a permit, but using the resources of first responders to rescue his dumb ass at the top.

Absolutely terrifying stuff.

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