Man Tries to Fight Bodybuilder Posing in the Gym, Here’s What Happens Next

Different gyms have different policies that are designed to keep their customers happy and satisfied, so that each person who comes to work out at a fitness centre may workout in their own space and to their satisfaction.

A TikTok video has recorded a rather funny incident in one such fitness centre. In the video, a bodybuilding enthusiast, Charlier, poses for a picture, showing off all his well-built muscles. Another man comes up to him and starts arguing with him, telling him about “posing in the vicinity of his girlfriend”.

Charlie is seen brushing the other man off, saying that “fighting is for people with little to lose”. Meanwhile, the other person is seen leaving the area, while the bodybuilder continues to pose for his TikTok video.

YouTuber Posts Video on Gym Fight

YouTuber Joey Swoll posted a video complimenting the bodybuilder. Swoll said in his review:

“This is a great video that showcases gym etiquette. Different fitness centres have different environments, different policies, this is more of an old school, bodybuilding style one, and its pretty common to see competitors posing with their shirts off on the gym floor.”

He continues to say:

“Now, if you go to let’s say a Crunch fitness centre, a Planet Fitness, a 24 Hour Fitness, its against their policy, and you wont see it. But what should remain the same and Universal at every fitness centre is that everyone should feel welcome, and you should always be kind to others. This man had no business to approach Charlie to curse at him, to try and fight him, and that should never happen.”

Joey Swoll goes on:

“Charlie, I want to show you some love and support because not only do you look phenomenal, but for you to handle this situation, to stay calm, to stay reserved, to just keep smiling and posing, brother, that is amazing, you deserve all the love. Be more like Charlie.”

Comments on the video were in favor of Charlie (the bodybuilder), supporting him through and through for handling the situation well and failing to get cowed down by the person who tried to start a fight with him.

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