“Mets exposing the Giants,” “Swinging at first pitches and overall jumping on all that DeSclafani has to offer” – New York Mets fans throw shade at San Francisco Giants after the latter give early runs

The New York Mets turned the tide in the final game of their four-game series against the San Francisco Giants.

The Mets played a doubleheader against the Giants on Tuesday and won game one 5-4 on a Francisco Lindor walk-off RBI single. The Mets followed that up with a 3-1 victory in the next game. Third baseman Eduardo Escobar had two hits and two RBIs in four at-bats.

San Francisco Giants v New York Mets
San Francisco Giants v New York Mets

Even though the Mets won their first two games, they had some trouble in game three. They lost 5-2 after being shut down by Giants starter Carlos Rodon. The Giants led 3-0 after the first inning and the Mets’ two runs came too late in the seventh and eighth innings.

The Mets played the last game of the series today, and it is safe to say that they figured out the Giants. They scored five runs in three innings and pushed Giants starting pitcher Anthony DeSclafani’s ERA to 6.08.

Baseball Twitter had a field day and had this to say about the Mets’ dominant victory.

“Mets exposing the Giants” [email protected]

This is a pretty simple explanation, but I would agree with it. Any time a team scores five runs in three innings, they “exposed” the other team.

#Mets came into today’s game with the Giants game plan Swinging at first pitches and overall jumping on all that DeSclafani has to offerFantastic stuff. #LGM

#Mets came into today’s game with the Giants game plan

Swinging at first pitches and overall jumping on all that DeSclafani has to offer

Fantastic stuff. #LGM[email protected]

The Mets were the better prepared team and crushed the Giants as a result of it.

good to see the @Mets bounce back from last night and get on the Giants early today #LGM

This reaction is one of my favorites and a pretty fitting analagy for today’s Giants-Mets game.

Well I was planning on listening to the Giants game for most of the afternoon, but it appears my schedule is freeing up

And now we see the other side. It was not a good day for Giants fans, but maybe tomorrow will be better.

Yesterday the Giants out-Giants’ed the #Mets but today the Mets are returning the favor. Keep em moving. #MetsTwitter

@Jayfresh3034 @PlayoffTanaka_ Yeah I am calling the Mets killers because they’re playing the Giants and matching them. Only team that’s arguably better is the Dodgers.

@KalebAshtonSch1 may have a point. The Mets are 10-4 and currently hold the second-best record behind the Los Angeles Dodgers.

I think the #SFGiants will be happy to slink out of NYC today. The Mets are a good team, even without DeGrom, and clubs like the Giants will have to bring their A+ game when they play them.

How Good are the New York Mets?

The baseball analysts (and Mets fans) of the world have weighed in. The Mets have a great team and one of their best in many years. Even with Jacob deGrom injured and the exit of Noah Syndergard, they have impressive hitting and pitching.

I do not want to speak too early and jinx myself, but this may be the Mets’ year. They have everything in place to have a great regular season and make a playoff run.

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