“Michael Jordan wasn’t a businessman?… Jordan brand is still destroying all the current players ” – NBA analyst says he’s tired of Draymond Green acting like him and his generation invented stuff

Draymond Green has been making remarks that most people have disagreed with. His claim about people not accepting that NBA players are now businessmen has been frowned upon by Chris Broussard.

Green has defended Kevin Durant, who has been the center of attention this past week. The Brooklyn Nets forward requested a trade before free agency started and has sparked mixed feelings from the NBA community.

However, Green does not see anything wrong with KD’s decision, despite talk of him jumping ship when things get tough. Green equated Durant’s trade request to players being businessmen and doing what’s right for them.


On The Odd Couple with Chris Broussard and Rob Parker, the topic was raised. The media personalities dissected Green’s statement. Both were furious with the angle the four-time champ took.

Broussard pointed out that players have been conducting “business” and not just playing long before this era. He said Michael Jordan was, and still is, a businessman.

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“This is what I’m tired of. Draymond acting like he and this generation of athletes are just inventing all this stuff. We’re businessmen today, Michael Jordan wasn’t a businessman?

Parker interjected, answering Broussard’s question.

“He’s still a businessman, and he’s a billionaire.”

“He owns a basketball team,” Broussard continued. “Jordan brand is still destroying all the current players in terms of their shoe sales and their merchandise sales.”

After Parker floated Magic Johnson’s name, Broussard said:

“Here’s how much of a business Magic Johnson was. Magic Johnson made about $40 million playing in the NBA. He’s now worth about $700 million. He went from making about 40 million to now being worth $6-700 million. Not through basketball, through business.”


Both analysts had a lot to say about Green’s comments, with Parker saying that people need to challenge Green and what he says. Broussard also pointed out that LeBron James, who championed player empowerment, has always played out his contracts.

Draymond Green has received a lot of backlash for his comments recently

Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors talks with media
Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors talks with media

Green has been very active since he started his podcast. However, his comments have upset a lot of people.

After winning the 2022 NBA title, Green appeared on The Old Man & The Three with JJ Reddick and Tommy Alter to talk about the finals. He spoke about his altercation with the Boston Celtics’ Jaylen Brown.

“When Jaylen Brown went to the media and said, ‘He tried to pull my shorts down,’ I knew I took his heart,’ Green said. ‘I knew I took his heart. And not that I’ll have it next year, I got to regain next year and next time we playing, but I knew for the rest of that series I had him.'”

Brown was not happy with Green’s statement, saying Green has lost his mind.

Fans rallied behind Brown and called out Green for his comments. A fan thinks that Green wants to be hated at this point because of his comments.

@FCHWPO It feels like Draymond wants to be hated at this point

Nonetheless, the Golden State Warriors forward has continued to speak his mind on any topic. He still praised the Boston Celtics for acquiring Malcolm Brogdon this summer.

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