Michael Kay, Yankees insiders reveal how Aaron Judge deal went down

The New York Yankees have officially re-signed star Aaron Judge amidst some tough competition, and multiple insiders shared details.

The Yankees get another nine seasons with their star slugger (pending a physical), Aaron Judge, after seeming more and more likely by the day to lose him to the San Francisco Giants. The deal wasn’t surprising as many knew the Yanks were capable of such a big offer, but it came down to whether or not they’d actually put it together or if they’d end up outbid by the Giants.

According to multiple insiders, however, Judge wanted to be a Yankee and told the team flat-out that he wanted a ninth-year. Andy Martino, Jack Curry, Brendan Kuty and Michael Kay all reported similar information on Judge and emphasized his desire to stay with the Yankees.

Kay, in particular, discussed the false information of Judge reaching an agreement with the Giants that came about on Tuesday.

Negotiations seemed to come down to the wire, and things likely changed a few times as the star hoped for the right offer from New York. His desire to stay with the Yankees was emphasized by recent information stating he turned down a 10-year $400 million offer from the San Diego Padres.

They certainly made the right decision, even though it was a tough one.

The Yankees made a very smart contract for Aaron Judge

While the contract is long and expensive, it’s well-deserved and was necessary in keeping him around. The Giants were willing to drop essentially as much as they needed to create an enticing offer, but the fact that Judge wanted to stay with the Yankees and gave them an idea of what it would take worked well in their favor.

They were given direct information on what it would take to keep him, and they acted upon it with an offer. They value Judge, as they should, and see him as worth paying the largest contract in MLB history.

A point of concern as that he’s at his age-30 season, where most players start to naturally decline, but he’s continued to get better over the years with his most explosive season yet. Most of his seasons over his career have been exceptional anyway, but his 2022 season was historic and might just be a glimpse of what’s to come.

The Yanks were smart to listen to what he wants and offer it to him.

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