Mike Tomlin invites local kids to training camp after breaking up fight

Mike Tomlin showed his softer side by inviting local kids to Steelers training camp and going through drills after breaking up a fight.

Mike Tomlin can be considered one of the tougher coaches in the NFL, and more often than not, his Pittsburgh Steelers echo the same message.

Like any human, though, he has a softer side, and it showed in a great story during Steelers’ training camp. When driving, Tomlin saw some kids fighting in the street. He proceeded to break up the fight by essentially shocking the kids.

After spending time with them, Tomlin invited all the kids to practice, where they got some tough love coaching from Tomlin while getting to meet running back Najee Harris. Instead of fighting, the kids were cheering each other on, not giving up in drills, and showing resilience, which are hallmarks of Tomlin’s tenure.

Steelers: Mike Tomlin coaches more than just his team after inviting kids to practice

On game day, Mike Tomlin is all business, despite what outside noise might be said about him. His teams are focused on the task at hand, and he can see who’s not giving total effort and who is. At the same time, he is not afraid to lend a helping hand, as he has done during his coaching career.

Few forget what an influence he was for the 2002 Tampa Bay Buccaneers and how stellar of a defensive coordinator Tomlin was for the Vikings before taking the job with the Steelers, leading them to two Super Bowls and winning one, becoming the youngest ever to achieve such a feat.

Mike Tomlin is in this league to win games and enhance himself as a leader while also bringing glory to the Pittsburgh Steelers. At the same time, he is also human, and he showed his softer side by giving kids an opportunity to channel frustration amongst each other into a bonding activity that was both rigorous and fun — traits of being a successful coach and a better person in life.

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