Minecraft Redditor easily defeats Warden with enchanted sword and strength potion

Minecraft is about to get the scariest and strongest mob of all time, The Warden, with the 1.19 The Wild Update. Over the past month, Mojang has released several snapshots in which they have progressively strengthened the beast even more so that players do not find ways to evade or kill it. However, the vast community of players still find ways to beat the mob with clever tactics.

Recently, a Redditor named ‘u/Kanksteli’ posted a video on the Minecraft Reddit page showcasing how they defeated the mob with a Strength 2 enchanted diamond sword, a splash potion of strength, and a single golden apple. This showed how the terrifying and ultra-powerful mob could still be slain if players planned the attack properly.

In the video, the player made a relatively small block tower so that the Warden couldn’t melee attack the player and use the ranged attack. The player used a strength potion on themself and started attacking the beast with an enchanted sword. Even when the Warden started shooting sonic waves, the player only took five hearts of damage which was easily healed. The player didn’t even use the golden apple to kill the Warden.

Players react to how the Warden was defeated by the Minecraft Redditor

Over the past few months, there has been a lot of talk about the horrifying beast that was coming into the game. Players kept discussing how strong the mob was and finding ways to defeat it. Hence, the post blew up as soon as it was live. Within a day, it received over seven thousand upvotes and several comments about how the original poster defeated the beast and other aspects of the update and the game.

The player kept attacking the Warden even after getting hit by sonic boom (Image via u/Kanksteli Reddit)
The player kept attacking the Warden even after getting hit by sonic boom (Image via u/Kanksteli Reddit)

Many people discussed how the original poster did not fall off the block pillar even after taking several sonic boom attacks. They talked about how the player must have used crouch tactic to reduce the knockback effect of the attack. Others also noticed that the player was not wearing any armor, which might reduce some knockback effect. They also appreciated the player for defeating the beast even without armor.

Several people addressed the fact that Mojang will notice these tricks of how players are still killing the beast and will buff the mob in the next snapshot. For the past month or two, this cycle of players being able to kill the mob and Mojang making it even stronger has been going on. People talked about how the game developers will see this and develop something new to challenge the player even more.

Overall, the post was well received in the Minecraft Reddit community as thousands of people flocked to the post to see how the original poster defeated the mob.

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