MLB Odds: How Juan Soto trade impacts Padres’ World Series chances

With the acqusition of Juan Soto, the chances of the San Diego Padres to win the world series have skyrocketed.

One move has elevated the shot of a World Series for a team that was teetering on the brink of success. The San Diego Padres have improved their odds with their trade to get Juan Soto and Josh Bell from the Washington Nationals.

According to Ben Heisler of Betsided, “Several sportsbooks are scrambling to update their futures prices on the Padres following arguably one of the biggest trades in MLB history. … Now, the Padres’ consensus number is around 12/1, including 6/1, or +600 to win the NL Pennant, with several other books going even lower.”

The increased odds come after the San Diego Padres received Soto and Bell from the Washington Nationals in exchange for LHP Mackenzie Gore, shortstop CJ Abrams, outfielders Robert Hassell III and James Wood, along with RHP Jarlin Susana.

The Padres have added Luke Voit to the players going to the Nationals to complete this deal.

Here’s a detailed look at the sportsbooks odds for the NL Pennant and World Series

The deal had also included first baseman Eric Hosmer. Hosmer helped the Kansas City Royals with the 2015 World Series. The performance netted him a deal with the Padres through 2025 on an 8-year, $144 million contract. The Nationals were on Hosmer’s do not trade list. The Padres then worked on a deal to send him to the Boston Red Sox. The Padres, according to Passan, will pay a large remainder of the $44 million remaining on his contract.

This is really exciting news for Padres fans looking to get to the World Series as we get closer to the postseason. Stay tuned to BetSided as Heisler will have further odds updates as we continue on the stretch to October.

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