MLB rumors: Ranking the final 4 in the Juan Soto trade sweepstakes

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The latest MLB rumors involving a Juan Soto trade have the finalists down to these four teams.

There might not be any ongoing MLB rumors bigger right now than the future of Juan Soto. The Washington Nationals superstar outfielder is getting heavily shopped and could be in a new uniform by the end of the day on August 2.

According to USA Today’s Bob Nightengale, there are four finalists left to pull off the heist.

Who has the most to get a deal done and come away from the trade deadline with Soto on their roster? Let’s examine and rank these final four.

4) MLB rumors: Seattle Mariners have greater needs than Juan Soto

Many of the best Seattle Mariners prospects have already graduated to the major leagues. Julio Rodriguez won’t get traded for Soto but players like Jarred Kelenic, Taylor Trammell, and other young players probably would. Unfortunately, Kelenic and Trammell have struggled at the major league level which pushes them behind these other four finalists.

The Mariners still have three top 100 prospects with shortstop Noelvi Marte (18), catcher Harry Ford (67), and shortstop Edwin Arroyo (93) to dangle out there in a potential blockbuster deal with Washington.

3) MLB rumors: San Diego Padres have major and minor leaguers to trade for Juan Soto

The San Diego Padres offense could use Soto far more than the Dodgers do. Outside of Manny Machado, the offense has never really gotten going this year. They have some interesting assets they could move and some obvious names the Nationals could consider in this kind of mega-deal. Already with past their rookie status, one would have to believe shortstop C.J. Abrams and pitcher MacKenzie Gore would be of interest to the Nationals.

In MLB’s top 100 prospects, they do still have outfielder Robert Hasell III (22), catcher Luis Campusano (53), and outfielder James Wood (89). They have traded a lot away in recent years to build an impressive starting rotation. Compared to these other three finalists, there may not be quite enough left to convince the Nationals to pull the trigger.

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