MVP gives brutally honest one-word response to request from WWE fan

Former United States Champion MVP recently gave a brutally honest response to a request from a WWE fan on social media.

Montel Vontavious Porter currently serves as the manager for Omos. However, before being aligned with The Nigerian Giant, he was the manager of The Hurt Business. The former United States Champion is a veteran of the industry with a career spanning 20 years. He is also quite active on social media and interacts with fans regularly.

A wrestling fan sent a message to MVP asking if there was a chance they could have WWE Chief Content Officer Triple H sign something for them.

“Would you please provide some advice to me? I’m going to SD next week in Buffalo. What’s my best chance to catch hhh to get this signed? I realize chances are slim but it would make my entire year! Please and thank you.”

MVP, true to his heel gimmick, simply responded by telling the fan there was zero chance of that happening. He replied with a one-word answer, replying “zero” to the fan.

You can check out the exchange below:


WWE star MVP says “please” and “thank you” always work

Montel Vontavious Porter took to Twitter earlier today to send a message with regard to fan behavior and to be polite while making requests.

MVP noted that he has never said no to a fan who has politely asked him for something.

“I have NEVER said no to any fan that asked for an autograph or photo with “please”. Let me get a selfie” will only GET you ignored. Manners matter. Please and thank you always work,” tweeted MVP.

Bully Ray responded to the tweet and claimed that rude fans get what they deserve while polite fans get what they want.

“Polite fans get what they want…Rude fans get what they deserve…,” tweeted Bully Ray.

You can check out their exchange below:

Polite fans get what they want…Rude fans get what they deserve……

MVP was recently demolished by Braun Strowman on SmackDown ahead of the latter’s clash against Omos at Crown Jewel. The former United States Champion was not put through one but two powerslams by Strowman, as he could not make it to Saudi Arabia.

However, MVP seems to be doing well as he accompanied Omos on the latest episode of Monday Night RAW, where the latter faced Johnny Gargano.

Would you like to see MVP paired with another superstar? Let us know in the comments section below.

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