Myles Turner shows off his epic Lego collection on TikTok [VIDEO]

Myles Turner’s Lego collection is sure to make you jealous.

Indiana Pacers‘ star Myles Turner has been out since Jan 14. rehabbing an injured foot. Turner was averaging 12 points a game before he was sidelined due to a stress reaction. Not letting the extra free time go to waste, Turner has amassed a Lego collection that would have any kid looking on in amazement.

Turner recently posted a video to TikTok featuring his rendition of “These are my ladies,” from the animated movie Surf’s Up, along with his stellar Lego collection. The collection included the Lego Joker Manor, Batwing, Batmobile, Disneyworld and a massive replica of the Titanic.

Fans react to Myles Turner’s Lego collection

Turner captioned his post “Girls are cool and all but have you ever experienced the feeling of finishing a 1k plus Lego set.” The Titanic set alone took over 9000 Legos to complete and fans and teammates took note of Turner’s accomplishments.

Turner has been a fan of building Lego replicas since he was a child. His love for Legos was a result of his parents preventing him from playing video games until he went to college, so he had to come up with another way to entertain himself, according to an interview Turner did with Sports Illustrated in 2018.

He incorporated his love for Star Wars and Legos by building numerous replicas from the series, as shown in his TikTok video, like the Death Star, Imperial Star Destroyer and the Millennium Falcon.

There’s no denying that Legos is definitely keeping Turner occupied while he rehabs.

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