“NBA, at its core… Is a question of who are the most freak athletes in the world?” – Nick Wright believes Zion Williamson will become an All-NBA player, says “he’s kicked everyone’s teeth in” so far

Zion Williamson was viewed as a generational talent by some when he came into the NBA, but injuries have hampered his career. Still, the New Orleans Pelicans believe in Williamson and are giving him a max extension, which Nick Wright believes is the correct decision.

After a solid single season with the Duke Blue Devils, the hype around Zion was comparable to some NBA legends.

Since entering the league, Williamson has missed most of his games. Some fans have even begun to question whether the Pelicans should have taken Ja Morant with the top selection in the 2019 draft.

While some fans have lost faith in Williamson, New Orleans still wants him after offering a maximum extension with the potential to be a supermax. For Williamson to earn all his money, he must make an All-NBA team.

On “First Things First,” Nick Wright talked about why he believes Williamson will make an All-NBA team and earn the money.

“My inclination is, the protections are very light, and Zion is going to get his full $190 million,” Wright said. “Then, that bumps to $230 million if he makes an All-NBA team. It’s going to be $230 million, because Zion’s going to make an All-NBA team.

“Yeah, he’s only played 85 games. You know what he’s done on those 85 games? He’s kicked everyone’s teeth in. Twenty-six points on 60% shooting.”

Williamson has looked like an elite player when he has played, and Wright and the Pelicans hope that is sustainable. Given that he is signing a five-year contract, Williamson will have five chances to make an All-NBA team.

If Zion can sustain scoring 26 points on 60% shooting over an entire season, he will be among the NBA’s elite. Wright believes that Williamson’s athleticism will make it possible.

Zion Williamson is “locked in” and ready to show the freak athleticism that Nick Wright and the New Orleans Pelicans believe he still has

When healthy, Zion Williamson has been one of the most dominant athletes on the planet.
When healthy, Zion Williamson has been one of the most dominant athletes on the planet.

As Zion Williamson prepares to return from a year-long injury, some question his commitment to basketball. During his max extension contract signing, Williamson addressed those fears.

If Williamson is “locked in,” he could once again show the freak athleticism that made him such a hyped prospect. Analyst Nick Wright believes that he can be that kind of athlete again.

“The NBA, at its core, is who are the most freak athletes in the world, and usually those guys dominate,” Wright said. “Zion’s on that list.”

Wright feels Williamson is among the most freakish athletes in the history of the NBA and can earn an All-NBA spot and his money.

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