NBA Trade Rumors: Why a Fred VanVleet trade is becoming more and more likely

Fred VanVleet has reportedly identified a new agent and that change could make a deal more and more likely before the NBA Trade Deadline.

According to Marc Stein, Fred VanVleet plans to hire Klutch Sports to represent. This is particularly important because VanVleet has been mentioned in trade rumors and has a player option this offseason. If it seems like he’s going to decline that option and enter free agency his willingness to re-sign with the Raptors or whoever trades for him becomes incredibly important for what comes next.

Klutch Sports represent head coach Nick Nurse, OG Aunonby, and Gary Trent Jr, so it does make sense that VanVleet would go with someone he knows in picking out a new agency.

Why does a change to Klutch Sports make a Fred VanVleet trade more likely?

Now, this is speculation but Klutch Sports “is known for driving hard bargains. It wouldn’t be a surprise to see them force the Raptors’ hand in a trade him by letting him know that VanVleet will leave in the offseason.

VanVleet has already rejected a contract extension with the Raptors (he denied getting the offere). VanVleet may try to force himself onto a contender team before the trade deadline. The Lakers are one of the teams that are a possibility. And the Magic are another team that would benefit from VanVleet long-term and one who has rumored interest.

The Raptors had a similar situation with Kyle Lowry, a couple of seasons ago and decided to hang on to him after the deadline, even though he was gonna be a free agent next season. The Raptors were then able to get compensation in the offseason in a sign and trade with the Heat.

None of this guarantees that VanVleet will be traded, especially with how the Raptors’ front office operates. But the possibility seems more likely now.

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