NBA Twitter lost its mind over Deandre Ayton’s Suns buzzer beater in Game 2

The reactions to Deandre Ayton’s alley-oop Suns buzzer beater were almost as amazing as the basket itself. 

Nothing can stop the Phoenix Suns and the magical run they’re on in the NBA Playoffs. Not the Lakers, not the Clippers, not even gravity or the laws of basketball.

Phoenix took Game 2 on Tuesday night in about as epic and unprecedented a fashion as their whole playoff run has been so far. With nine seconds left in the game and down by one, the Suns lost possession of the ball and were forced to send Paul George to the free throw line.

George missed both free throws, giving the ball back to the Suns who then missed a game-winning shot. Luckily, Phoenix was able to retain possession of the ball, but with 0.9 seconds left, they needed a miracle on the inbound pass to pull off a victory.

It would appear the basketball gods were listening to every prayer inside Phoenix Suns Arena.

NBA Twitter reacts to Suns buzzer beater in Game 2

NBA reporters inside the arena shared out video of the moment and what it looked like to see the play from the crowd.

Of course, Skip Bayless thought the Clippers were robbed and the series should be tied 1-1.

The play was indeed a legal one, and the Suns rightly won Game 2 to take a commanding 2-0 series lead. Things now shift back to Los Angeles for Game 3, but the way the Clippers lost on Tuesday night surely won’t do them any favors in the this team is cursed department.

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