NBA Twitter waves goodbye to Bucks after Celtics knock off defending champs

The good folks of Twitter have taken to roasting the Milwaukee Bucks for falling in Game 7 agains the Boston Celtics on Sunday.

The Milwaukee Bucks are no longer working on defending their championship. Unfortunately for them and their fans, the Bucks were eliminated during Game 7 of their matchup with the Boston Celtics.

But, even though the Bucks might be kinda sad at the moment, there are still plenty of people who are celebrating right now.

The folks over in Boston aren’t exactly all that concerned with the fact that Giannis Antetokounmpo and company won’t get a chance to play in the NBA Finals this season. In fact, it sure seems like Celtics fans are pretty thrilled that Boston will be moving on thanks to a solid 28-point victory over the defending champs.

Here’s how the good folks of NBA Twitter are reacting to the Celtics’ 109-81 win over the Bucks.

NBA Twitter sounds off on Milwaukee Bucks as Boston Celtics advance to face Miami Heat in Eastern Conference Finals

Of course, it shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone that the Celtics and their fans are happy with the way this series ended. They should absolutely be thrilled with the way Boston finished things up.

Some pretty prominent NBA Twitter personalities decided to share their thoughts on the matter.

And yeah, it sure seems kinda odd that Grayson Allen was still on the court for the Bucks despite the fact that he wasn’t really bringing anything to the table for Milwaukee. He just simply wasn’t playing well and it was weird that the Bucks played him as much as they did.

And with this win, the Celtics guaranteed that another team would win the championship this season. That’s a pretty big deal, all things considered.

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