New Fortnite teaser hints at Thor: Love and Thunder collaboration

A recent Fortnite teaser hints at a new collaboration with a popular Marvel character. Even though Chapter 3 Season 3 came out less than a month ago, Epic Games has already lined up several new crossovers for the video game.

The latest teaser was posted by Donald Mustard, Chief Creative Officer at Epic Games. Mustard is known for hinting at different things in Fortnite Battle Royale, and his latest Instagram post is most likely another hint.

Fortnite players had a chance to obtain some amazing Marvel skins in Chapter 2 Season 4. The entire Battle Pass consisted of only Marvel characters, which was amazing for comic book lovers.

The latest Fortnite teaser reveals that Fortnite might get another Thor skin very soon, and this time, it could be a movie variant.

Fortnite teaser hints at a new Thor skin

Thor was a Tier 1 skin in the Chapter 2 Season 4 Battle Pass and had six different styles. Like every other skin in the Battle Pass, Thor was based on his comic book looks and had no resemblance to the Norse god portrayed in movies by Chris Hemsworth.

Donald Mustard posted an image of the fireworks on his Instagram account with a “Vibin'” caption. This is both a reference to the current Fortnite Battle Royale season and the celebration of July 4, the Independence Day of the United States.

However, Mustard’s Instagram post is much more than that. It’s also a Fortnite teaser that most likely hints at upcoming content that will be released soon.

While this image looks normal, it uses the same color scheme as the poster for Thor: Love and Thunder, the upcoming movie.

THEORY: Donald Mustard posted this fireworks image a few hours ago, and it pretty much has the same color scheme as the Thor movie posterThis might be the biggest stretch ever, but *EVERYTHING* Donald posts is a teaser, and the timing fits VERY good 💀(Noticed by @BashBuster)

As you can see in the tweet above, the color scheme and the background are almost identical. Considering that Donald Mustard uses his social media to post Fortnite teasers and hints, there is a good chance that Epic Games will collaborate with Marvel once again.

The new Thor movie is coming soon and will be released in theaters on July 8.

Is a new Thor skin coming with the potential collaboration?

The original Thor skin looks nice and simple, but it hasn’t been very popular. The glider and emote from this set look amazing, but they cannot be used with any other skin other than Thor.

If Epic Games releases a new Thor skin that will be based on the upcoming movie, we can expect it to be a huge success. After all, Marvel’s movies have been very successful and many people love them, including millions of Fortnite players.


The movie comes out on July 8, just three days after the next Fortnite Battle update on Tuesday. If what Donald Mustard posted is indeed a Fortnite teaser, you can expect the skin to be added with the update.

The next update will be big and Epic Games has already revealed the upcoming map change that will come with it.

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