NFL insider makes an insanely bold prediction about Aaron Rodgers and Jordan Love

Could the Green Bay Packers live in a reality where the team has neither Aaron Rodgers nor Jordan Love to start the 2023 NFL season? 

What’s the NFL offseason without a little Green Bay Packers quarterback drama.

In an age where nostalgia is the most powerful mind-altering drug you don’t have to snort, smoke, or inject, folks are harkening back to the days when Brett Favre powered the news cycle with his will he/won’t he act.

The people went that, but every single damn offseason! 

Ask and you shall receive, as this marked the second offseason where Aaron Rodgers strung the Packers along about whether or not he’d be there in August. Thankfully for fans in Green Bay he toned his antics way down.

Still, NFL insider Jason La Canfora is here to kick up some dust as he ties the future of Aaron Rodgers and Jordan Love together. The catch is that his bold prediction revolves around neither of them having a place in Green Bay beyond this season.

Per La Canfora:

Would it really be out of character to put the Packers through all this drama the last two offseasons just to hang it up in the middle of a new extension? And wouldn’t it be even more quintessential Rodgers if he did it after [trading Jordan Love]

As far as his take on the Love trade speculation that has slowly started to build during Rodgers back-to-back MVP seasons:

Someone will get desperate. This kid is going to want to play. He should get a chance to play. Sitting three years is ridiculous and someone is going to need a QB at some point due to injury, even if Jimmy Garoppolo and Baker Mayfield are dealt.

There’s a scene in Heat where Todd Siezmore’s character says that ‘the action is the juice’ when referring to how he feels about robbing banks. This is my action and the juice. Masterful. Truly and simply masterful.

NFL Rumors: Could Packers lose Aaron Rodgers and Jordan Love before 2023?

You have to admit, that’s exactly the kind of diabolical thing Rodgers would do to spite the Packers. He’s been twirling retirement as a weapon against the Packers for two seasons and there’s nothing to suggest he won’t either do it again or actually retire. Waiting to thrust that knife until after the Packers trade away the guy they drafted to succeed him would be a GOAT-level middle finger mic drop.

Of the two predictions, however, the Packers trading Love seems to be the more likely outcome. Then again it’s very possible that the only thing the Packers run back in 2023 is an offseason full of drama about whether Rodgers retires or Love gets traded only to have them both on the roster Week 1 — again.

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