Nickmercs reverse clean sweeps UFC event against TimTheTatman, wins $100K prize pool

The MFMA Gauntlet: Battle of the Ages between Nickmercs and TimTheTatman just ended with the former reverse cleansweeping Tim in UFC to win it all. The two streaming giants had been teasing and promoting the UFC X live event for months.

The tournament had two games for the teams to compete in. While Tim’s side didn’t lose a single match in the first game, Nick delivered in the last one to stage a huge comeback for the belt.

Team Nickmercs makes a comeback to win MFMA Gauntlet

The big fight between Nickmercs and Tim was a long awaited event for their fans. The event featured the teams going head-to-head in Apex Legends and UFC. Everything happened live from UFC X in Las Vegas.


How it went down

The competition had six Apex Legends and five UFC matches. The first five Apex bouts were worth 100 points each while the sixth and final ones were worth 200. Each head-to-head UFC match was worth 250 points.

Team TimTheTatman won every single Apex Legends game, scoring 700 points in the process. However, there was more drama in the offing as Nickmercs won four consecutive UFC matches against Tim to clutch the competition with an epic comeback of 1000 points.

As both streamers stood at the podium, Nick thanked Tim and his fans for their support, which made the event possible:

“Unreal man. Unreal. Alright Timmy, thanks for being here, bro. You’re a legend. Everybody out there, thank you so much man. So cool putting s**t out like this with you here man. Thank you.”

Nick went on to show his appreciation for his loyal viewerbase for sticking with him and allowing him to do what he loves for a living:

“Your f**king energy is incredible man. Up on this stage this beating heart you know. It’s what I fell in love doing. To be able to do it now infront of my family and friends is really special, thank you guys man.”

Tim and Nick clearly have a lot of respect for each other, which can be seen in their interactions on stage. Following the results, Tim added:

“Seriously guys this was a blast man. Living in my brand here, choking f**kin everything. But at the end of day, it was a blast. Thank y’all for coming out.”

Twitter reacts to Nick winning the MFMA Gauntlet

Twitter was buzzing as Nick clutched the entire championship by winning every single UFC match. Many famous streamers and esports personalities tweeted their reactions:

Possibly the biggest choke of gaming history come on @timthetatman

Tim himself tweeted after the match, while fans didn’t shy away from taking digs at him:

@timthetatman After you threw the 700 point lead you need one 😂

@timthetatman Gonna need more than a beer after that performance timmy

Fans of Nickmercs showed their support by flooding his Twitter account with celebratory messages:

@NICKMERCS If anyone was pulling it off, it was you man.

@NICKMERCS LETS GOOOO, best in the game 🔥🔥🔥

UFC X still has events planned for Saturday and MMA fans are sure to enjoy the fan expo.

Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul

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