“Nobody that has played in the NBA scored more points than me” – NBA analyst believes LeBron James will validate his ‘iconic’ status by acing the scoring record, predicts achievement will be accomplished in LA

LeBron James has already cemented his place amongst the greatest basketball players who ever lived. With many individual and team accomplishments to his name, James is all set to add more to those this season. He is expected to overtake Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on the all-time scoring list in the upcoming season.

Speaking on “Jalen & Jacoby”, former NBA player Jalen Rose discussed LeBron James’ pursuit of the NBA regular-season scoring record. Rose initially pointed out how scoring wasn’t James’ best attribute. He said:

“All he does is work to get better in the gym and now when you’re staying healthy for 20 years, your longevity can put you in position to eclipse a record like this.

“So very incredible that you can go to bed one night and say ‘Nobody that has played in the NBA scored more points than me’. That is such an incredible accomplishment. We can talk about average and we can talk about greatest, but this is about his longevity, his durability, and his iconic status. This is gonna be great for the league.”

Whether people think James is the greatest of all-time or not, becoming the all-time leading scorer will be an unbelievable accomplishment for “The King”.

Watch Jalen Rose’s thoughts on this in the video below:


LeBron may break the all-time scoring record this season. I ran some simulations to predict which day it could happen 📆🍿🎟️

LeBron James recently shared he has no relationship with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Following the LA Lakers first preseason game, LeBron James was asked for his thoughts on Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Many noted that James seemed to have snubbed the all-time leading scorer, as he claimed he had ‘no thoughts and no relationship’ with the Lakers great.

“No thoughts. And no relationship”LeBron on chasing Kareem’s scoring record and if they have a relationship

While James may not have a personal relationship with Abdul-Jabbar, many criticized him for not showing respect to a legend of the game.

I don’t care if LeBron has a relationship with Kareem. The guy is one of the best to ever play the game — an all-time great who was somehow underappreciated despite an unstoppable weapon. Bad look by LeBron not to at least pay tribute to Kareem for how great a player he was.

Abdul-Jabbar has previously offered high praise to James, sharing that he is looking forward to the Lakers star breaking his record. He also noted that he will be in attendance when the milestone is accomplished.

Kareem’s thoughts on LeBron winning the Muhammad Ali legacy award. And now he feels of LeBron breaking his record. #LakeShow

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