“Not Bray Wyatt” – WWE fans debate who Roman Reigns’ opponent at Royal Rumble 2023 should be 

Wrestling fans on Twitter have provided their take on who Roman Reigns should face at the Royal Rumble premium live event.

The Tribal Chief is currently scheduled to defend his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship against Logan Paul at Crown Jewel this weekend in Saudi Arabia. While there is a possibility of Reigns losing his title, he remains a big favorite to beat The Maverick.

One Twitter user recently started a conversation, questioning who The Tribal Chief should defend his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship against in early 2023.

Fans provided various takes, suggesting that Sheamus has earned a title shot. Meanwhile, Seth Rollins could face his former Shield stablemate at Survivor Series to mark the 10th-anniversary celebration of The Hounds of Justice.

Numerous fans have suggested that Bray Wyatt should be kept out of the title picture for the time being.

Check out the Twitter reactions:

@Wrestle_buddy @NewsXero Can we just enjoy having Bray back before wanting to rush him into the title scene? Enjoy his genius before having him lose a title match or him having the title and it ruining the whole aura? Man just got back… Calm down

@Wrestle_buddy @NewsXero Not Bray Wyatt. He does not need to be pushed as quickly as last time. Obviously I want him as champ. I mean I’m a Bray Wyatt Fan Page for Pete’s sake. But he needs to be built up

@Wrestle_buddy @NewsXero sheamus..he’ll work well with roman similar to drew at the clash there’s a tie in with the bloodline already through the usos and sheamus can eat the loss and have it not hurt him going forward

@Wrestle_buddy @NewsXero I think Karrion Kross will be the best option by Royal Rumble because Sheamus may try his match at Survivor Series

@Wrestle_buddy @NewsXero Karion Kross is a fresh opponent for roman especially if we all know Romans just going to win every match until wrestlemania.

Logan Paul recently provided his take on facing Roman Reigns at Crown Jewel

As mentioned earlier, Logan Paul will be in action against Roman Reigns this weekend in Saudi Arabia. In only his third-ever match, the popular YouTuber will have the chance to beat The Tribal Chief and end his historic reign.

Speaking recently on WWE UK ahead of the match, Paul provided his take on the match. He briefly discussed his boxing match against Floyd Mayweather Jr. as well.

“I love knowledge, and when I take on the G.O.A.T. it’s an opportunity for a masterclass for me. When I fought Floyd Mayweather, I wasn’t just fighting Floyd Mayweather, I was paying attention to every single nuanced movement that he did. One time I was by the ropes and he had me under his arm, dude covered my mouth with his glove and stopped my breathing for, like, two breaths. An advanced move that only Floyd Mayweather would know because he has been boxing for 40 years,” Paul said.

Paul’s previous WWE matches saw him beat The Mysterios while teaming up with The Miz and a singles victory over The A-Lister himself.

While The Maverick has beaten a former WWE Champion in his only singles match so far, Roman Reigns is undoubtedly on a different level now.

Do you think Paul can defeat Reigns this weekend? Sound off in the comments below.

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