Notre Dame has other schools in holding pattern with Big Ten decision

Notre Dame’s Big Ten decision has other schools waiting for what’s next in realignment.

With USC and UCLA joining the Big Ten in 2024, all eyes are on Notre Dame for what’s next.

Notre Dame is an ACC school in all major sports but football. Their national independent status is so hard to give up willingly because of the sweet TV contract the Fighting Irish have with NBC. It has been a focal point as to why they have not joined the ACC as full-time members outside of the COVID year. If the Irish do bolt for the Big Ten, then it changes everything. More fallout will follow.

CBS Sports’ Dennis Dodd reported “Oregon and Washington have been told by the Big Ten that it is standing pat for now. Waiting on a decision by Notre Dame.”

Notre Dame is the next big domino to fall with more Big Ten expansion coming

From a geographical and rivalry standpoint, adding Notre Dame would be a no-brainer for the Big Ten to make. Two of its member institutions call Indiana home and the Irish have plenty of teams they actually have natural rivalries with (Michigan, Michigan State, etc.). Notre Dame would also meet the academic requirements set forth by the conference, as it is very much an AAU university.

Logically, the next two schools the Big Ten would probably want to poach and further destroy the Pac-12 would have to be Oregon and Washington. Not only are Oregon and Washington two of the bigger college football powers out west historically, but they are also AAU member institutions. Factor in getting the Portland and Seattle media markets and these additions work.

Ultimately, it really seems like the days of Notre Dame being a national independent are coming to an end. The Irish are either going to have to dance with the ones that brung them in the ACC or turn heel and head to the more geographically appropriate and more esteemed academic conference that is the Big Ten. Get your popcorn ready because this movie is just getting started.

Oregon and Washington may join the Big Ten, but we must wait on what the Irish want to do first.

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