“Now’s the time” – Dana White tells Americans to stop ‘living off the government’ and capitalize on the available opportunities

UFC president Dana White recently made an appearance on the Tough Business podcast, hosted by John Fosco and former UFC heavyweight fighter Travis Browne.

At one point during the interaction, Dana White went on a long rant about his fellow Americans. He suggested they should stop collecting checks while sitting at home. Instead, he believes they should start making the most of the available opportunities.

“I believe that this country is a f*****g mess right now and there’s never been a time where there’s more opportunity than there is right now. You got people that aren’t going back to f*****g work because they’re living off the government. You got business that got destroyed, that have been around forever, through this pandemic. Now is not a time to sit back and collect checks from anybody unless you’re working. Now is the time to get out there and go after whatever your f*****g dream is, whatever your goal is, there’s never been a better opportunity than right now. Right now is the time you run over all these f*****g guys that are sitting around crying and whining and b******g about their life. Now is the time,” said Dana White.

The 52-year-old ended his rant with a motivating message. He asked people to start working towards their goals right now.

“I don’t know if there’s ever gonna be a time like this again in our lifetime. But if you think you wanna go out and start your own business, you wanna be an entrepreneur, you have this dream of something you wanna do, now is the time. Go, get it.”

You can catch the full episode of the Tough Business podcast below:

Dana White continued to put on UFC events during the pandemic

Dana White continued putting on UFC fights throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. The 52-year-old initially received a lot of criticism for going through with his events during the fatal outbreak. But White stayed on course and kept entertaining fans during what was a tough time for most people.

You can listen to Dana White talk about his decision to continue with the UFC events during the pandemic while on the Tough Business podcast below:

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