OBJ seemingly reveals list of teams that are finalists to sign him ahead of free agent decision

With Odell Beckham Jr rumors swirling, the free agent Pro Bowler has locked in dates for meeting with a select group of suitors.

As the NFL enters the season’s home stretch, one of the biggest questions lurking in the rumor mill is about to get an answer.

Odell Beckham Jr has been a free agent since the league year started back in March, due in large part to his recovery from a torn ACL he suffered in the Super Bowl. No one was in a rush to sign OBJ, but he wasn’t in a rush to sign with a team either before he determined their chances to bring him back to the Super Bowl stage.

Waiting probably wasn’t easy, but it was the right decision. The list of teams that were rumored to be interested in adding Beckham this offseason have fallen off the map as top contenders in the league.

Both the Packers and Rams are essentially out of playoff contention, and the Buccaneers are not far behind. Instead, the Eagles and Vikings are running away with the top seeds in the NFC and look like the teams to beat in the conference.

Over in the AFC, the Buffalo Bills are still a force but have been bitten hard by the injury bug and no longer control the No. 1 seed, which belongs to the Kansas City Chiefs. But now that we’re on the otherside of Thanksgiving, the lay of the land is more clear and it sounds like OBJ is getting closer to finally making a decision.

Odell Beckham Jr to meet with potential finalists this week

According to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, Odell Beckham Jr seemingly has locked in a list of finalists who he’d be willing to sign with and is now putting the ball in their court when it comes to recruiting him.

Those teams are the Cowboys, Bills, and Giants.

“Beckham plans to visit the Giants on Thursday and Friday, sources informed of his plans say. After the weekend, Beckham will meet with the Cowboys on Dec. 5. He’ll also visit the Bills,” Rapoport reported.

Adam Schefter went a step further, reporting that one NFL executive told him that the Cowboys are the team he expects OBJ to sign with when the dust settles.

It’s worth noting that while these three teams are the only ones with set meeting dates, there’s still a chance that other teams are added. One team, in particular, that could enter the sweepstakes is the Kansas City Chiefs although Beckham is not planning on meeting with the team as of now.

Keep in mind, though, that things could change.

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