Odell Beckham Jr. might just be the ultimate troll

For some reason, Odell Beckham Jr. has caught everyone’s attention by claiming that Deebo Samuel will be leaving the San Francisco 49ers.

Well, we’ve got some breaking news. Or, rather, some information that could potentially be breaking news but almost certainly isn’t even remotely close to being factual. According to a very interesting tweet from Odell Beckham Jr., Deebo Samuel is headed on to the New England Patriots and is leaving the San Francisco 49ers behind him.

It’s totally okay if you don’t believe him though.

Earlier in the day Saturday, it became kind of clear that the 49ers weren’t really all that close to moving Samuel in a trade.

And in the wake of Beckham’s “report”, multiple reporters have come out to debunk the rumor.

Reporters shut down Odell Beckham Jr.’s “report” on Deebo Samuel and the New England Patriots

And yeah, Samuel himself kind of shuts this one down.

To be completely honest, Beckham is probably just joking around and trolling on Twitter. A number of sports fans do that regularly, it was only a matter of time before a professional athlete actually did the same thing.

Odell Beckham Jr. tweets “report” that Deebo Samuel is leaving San Francisco 49ers for New England Patriots

In the wake of this groundbreaking report, here’s how folks on Twitter are responding to the “news.”

Since Beckham is almost certainly just having some fun on the internet, it makes sense that others would make light of this and have some fun with this situation as well.

The whole situation is odd. Folks generally aren’t used to these sorts of shenanigans from professional athletes, so many aren’t really all that sure on how to respond here. And given that this sort of “info” would generally come from an anonymous account that is made to look like a legitimate source of information, it’s interesting to see it come from Beckham himself.

But hey, good thing everyone is able to parse through sarcasm, jokes, misinformation, and nonsensical rumors on the internet. Nobody ever really believes everything they see online, right?

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