One Piece: Every island under Straw Hat territory after Wano arc (spoilers)

There has been a great deal of change in the One Piece series after four years of the Wano Country arc.

The Straw Hats have always been a force to be reckoned with. The World Government no longer considers them scrappy underdogs. They are now a Yonko crew with multiple territories under their control. Leaked spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1057 have recently confirmed this fact.

Political influence is a contributing factor to becoming a Yonko. Luffy’s most dangerous ability is recruiting powerful allies. Dracule Mihawk stated as much during the Marinefod arc.

While only a few islands carry Luffy’s Jolly Roger flag, several more kingdoms consider him a friend.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers from One Piece Chapter 1057.

The Straw Hats hold power over several islands in the One Piece series

Luffy officially controls a couple of territories


Luffy is a firm believer in the concept of freedom. With that in mind, he doesn’t go around declaring territories for himself in the One Piece series. However, there are a few exceptions when certain kingdoms need to be protected.

Here’s a look at the official territories under the Straw Hat banner:

  • Fish-Man Island: Luffy prevented Hody Jones from carrying out his plan, saving the entire royal family by doing so.
  • Wano Country: Luffy overthrew Kaido and the remaining Kurozumi family, restoring the Kozuki clan back to prominence.

Fish-Man Island was originally protected by the Whitebeard Pirates before their downfall. Big Mom took over and forced the kingdom to pay monthly candy tributes. When they were unable to pay, Luffy declared he would defeat her and claim the island for himself.

Some time later, the Straw Hats would arrive in Wano Country. With a powerful alliance by their side, they would eventually take down Kaido and Big Mom. One Piece Chapter 1057 leaks suggest that Luffy would give Momonosuke his Jolly Roger flag so that nobody would mess with them.

Luffy has made powerful allies with a number of kingdoms


Throughout the series, the Straw Hats have taken care of several problems for various kingdoms. Many of them are indebted to Luffy’s crew. They can even be considered allies in most cases:

  • Sakura Kingdom: Luffy took care of Wapol, thus bringing democracy to the kingdom.
  • Alabasta: Luffy defeated Crocodile and put an end to his plans, therefore allowing the Nefertari family to rule in peace.
  • Dressrosa: Luffy ended Doflamingo’s reign of terror and freed the Dressrosa citizens from slavery, giving back power to the Riku family.
  • Zou: Luffy helped fight off Jack of the Beasts Pirates, preventing him from wiping out the remaining Minks in the process.

It should be noted that Cobra was killed during the Levely arc. His daughter Vivi has also gone missing. It’s currently unknown how this will affect the Alabasta kingdom in the near future. One Piece readers will just have to wait and see what happens in the story.

The Straw Hats also have a Grand Fleet under their disposal. Several fighters from multiple kingdoms are serving underneath them, including the Happo Navy from Kano Country. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that those kingdoms are officially aligned with the Straw Hats.

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