Pat McAfee discloses how WWE legend helped him with his promo on SmackDown

Pat McAfee recently opened up about how he got The Rock’s permission to use his catchphrase on SmackDown and how The Great One helped him get the promo over.

The former NFL star gave the promo of his life on this past Friday’s episode of SmackDown and challenged Happy Corbin to a match at SummerSlam.

During the promo, Pat McAfee referenced the “millions and millions” of WWE fans, which is an iconic catchphrase from WWE legend The Rock. It appears that McAfee said the line with the blessing of The People’s Champion.

Speaking on The Pat McAfee Show, the SmackDown commentator revealed that he reached out to The Rock to make sure that The Great One was alright with him using the line. McAfee noted that he got the okay to say it around the time he was in a program with Theory.

“Hey shout out to The Rock, by the way, thanks man. In the wrestling world, when you say somebody else’s catchphrase, it is kind of a thing. I don’t [want] to go too in the weeds here, but I did get permission beforehand from Dwayne Johnson to be able to say it,” McAfee said.

McAfee added that The Rock also asked how he was going to use the catchphrase and gave him pointers on it.

“Then I’ll send like a [message], ‘Okay, I’m thinking, hey is there any way I could potentially drop a…,’ and he actually responded and said, ‘Hey give me some context on how you’re gonna do this. Give me some context so we can really get this thing going.’ So he gave me an entire like, ‘Hey here we go here we go.’ So I’m very, very, very grateful and thankful for The Rock.”[H/T WrestleZone]

Happy Corbin responded to Pat McAfee in a video message

Corbin was not on WWE SmackDown but posted a response on social media following McAfee’s promo. The former Happy Folks member claimed that McAfee knew he wasn’t going to be on SmackDown, which is why he was “flapping his gums.”

Corbin called McAfee a “punk” and dared him to show him how tough he really is next time they meet face-to-face.

Pat McAfee and Happy Corbin are potentially set to face each other at SummerSlam this year with things heating up between the two men. It remains to be seen whether the former NFL star and Corbin will come face-to-face on SmackDown this week.

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