Patricky crashes interview to surprise brother Patricio ahead of title defense (Video)

Patricky crashed an interview to surprise brother Patricio ahead of title defense.

Patricio Freire (33-5) will defend his featherweight title on Saturday as the main event for Bellator 286 against the number four contender, Ádám Borics (18-1). The Freire brothers also known as the Pitbull brothers are always at each other’s corner when the other is fighting, but this time around Patricio was unsure because he hadn’t seen or heard from his brother, Patricky.

All of sudden Patricky stuns his brother in the middle of FanSided’s one-on-one interview with Patricio and says, “surprise, surprise, motherf**ker”.

“I saw his name on the commissioner papers and I asked them is my brother coming and they said no. I’m going put another corner in his place and now he’s here,” Patricio told the media.

Laughs and pleasantries are exchanged and even Freire’s manager, Eric Albarracin pops in and says “Surprise, we had to keep him from you for the whole week.”

Patricio shares that Patricky returned him the favor because “I did the same with him a long time ago, like 10 years ago. He was quiet when he saw me because it was before the fight, he was in the locker room, and I go right into his corner and that’s amazing,” He describes having his brother in his corner on Saturday as “Gasoline. Put fire on that.”

Patricky explained that traveling while in training camp and explaining the situation to his wife and his coaches is difficult, but he’s there to support his brother and most importantly keep the two belts in Brazil. Patricky is scheduled on November 18th to defend the lightweight belt against Usman Nurmagomedov in Bellator 288.

“You think I will alone to beat another guy? Never. I sacrificed myself to be here, with you”, Patricky told his brother.

Patricio expects an exciting standup fight for 25 minutes but confidently believes “I’m going to win the fight, that’s the prediction. I don’t care how.”

Patricio agrees with AJ Mckee Jr. that a trilogy is necessary

Patricio recently recaptured the featherweight championship belt by defeating AJ Mckee Jr. via unanimous decision and a trilogy seems to be in the works for the near future.

“I want to do that now. I asked, I told Mike Cogan, Scott Coker that I would fight him again. That’s no problem to me, maybe it’s a problem for him because he’s now in the lightweight division. I’m still here as the champion.”

The featherweight champ’s priority is his opponent Borics because he respects him as a formidable opponent and considers it a big moment if he beats him, but it’s clear that being one and one with Mckee Jr. is what’s in his mind and future.

Bellator 286 takes place on Saturday, Oct. 1, 2022, live from The Long Beach Arena in Long Beach, CA. Follow along with FanSided MMA for all your news and highlights.

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