“Pete Alonso leads NL in HRs and RBI’s and not on roster” “Acuña?? Seriously?” – MLB fans concerned after early All-Star voting reports huge snubs for the National League team

The early results are in for the teams representing their respective leagues in the MLB All-Star Game, and fans in the National League are worried. In addition to snubs in the starting lineup, fans vehemently disagree with some of the selections.

Fox Sports reported the National League ballot leaders as they currently stand, as posted to Twitter.

Here are the current National League ballot leaders for the 2022 All-Star game 🤩

The surprising lack of representatives from the New York Mets has enraged their fanbase. This fan in particular is irate that Pete Alonso is not currently a starter.

@MLBONFOX Pete Alonso leads NL in HRs and RBI’s and not on roster. SMH. McNeil and Nimmo having great years too.

This fan takes offense at the inclusion of Ronald Acuna Jr. on the team, who has played in only 39 games this season.

@MLBONFOX Acuña?? Seriously?? He hasn’t even played a full month!!

The current ballot reflects only the first round of voting for the MLB All-Star game. These concerned fans have time to vote for change.

MLB fans not happy with the NL All-Star roster

This year's All-Star game and festivities will be hosted by the Los Angeles Dodgers.
This year’s All-Star game and festivities will be hosted by the Los Angeles Dodgers.

This is apparently the one issue that can unite fans across the National League. Fans of the Atlanta Braves, New York Mets, and other prominent teams are all represented, and they disagree with the choices made so far.

This fan disagrees with Jazz Chisholm Jr. of the Miami Marlins as the starting second baseman.

This New York Mets fan is pretty direct in their assessment of the team as it currently stands.

This fan has a great idea that would certainly add a lot of fun to the game: Vote for a St.Louis Cardinals legend.

@MLBONFOX Pujols for one last time?? And where’s Renfroe? Dude’s literally been hitting dingers all season

This user has one of the hottest takes I have seen, that there is a bias against New York, the biggest market in the world.

@MLBONFOX Laughable. The best team in the NL does not have one representative as a starter. The best team in the AL only has one represented. Tell me there is not a New York bias.

This fan proposes a radical change to the way the MLB handles the All-Star game.

@MLBONFOX MLB should get rid of the All-star game. It’s nothing but a popularity contest.

MLB fans are undoubtedly concerned after seeing the first voting results. The last fan does have a point, that the event has become something of a popularity contest. This is evidenced by Fernando Tatis Jr. currently being fifth in voting without having played a single game so far this season.

While the MLB will not be getting rid of the All-Star Game any time soon, changes could be made to avoid this discontent. One easy way would be to lessen the signifigance of the fan vote and allow more qualified people to determine the lineups.

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