PGA Championship playoff format: Tiebreaker rules, explained

Explaining the PGA Championship playoff format to understand the tiebreaker for the major championship to determine who hoists the Wanamaker Trophy.

The 2022 PGA Championship at Southern Hills has delivered the goods in terms of a crowded, talented leaderboard and a true test of the best golfers in the world.

Mito Pereira entered Sunday with a three-stroke lead but quickly fell back to the pack, setting up a potential playoff to determine the second major champion of the 2022 calendar year after Scottie Scheffler put on the Green Jacket at Augusta.

With the close leaderboard down the stretch, though, that has fans wondering about the PGA Championship playoff format. If you need to know the rules for potential tiebreaker, we’ve got you covered.

PGA Championship playoff format

Unlike other major championships, the PGA Championship playoff format is that of a three-hole aggregate showdown to determine a winner. At Southern Hills, the players tied at the top of the leaderboard will play holes 13, 17 and 18 with the best cumulative score winning the tournament.

If two or more players are tied after that three-hole stretch, it would then become a sudden-death playoff over the same rotation of holes for those who were tied after that stretch.

This format differs from every other major as The Masters has a sudden-death playoff from the jump, the U.S. Open has a two-hole aggregate playoff and The Open Championship has a four-hole aggregate.

With the madness that has been the action at Southern Hills, though, it figures that we might see this pop up on Sunday in Tulsa.

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