“Quit making excuses!” – Magic Johnson appalled at the lack of accountability LA Lakers have shown all season

Magic Johnson, who has been calling out the LA Lakers‘ often lackadaisical and gutless performances this season, continues to express his disappointment in his former team.

LA is now on a six-game losing streak, 16 games below .500, and has almost completely imploded this season.

The LA Lakers banked on realizing their potential following the blockbuster trade for Russell Westbrook. With only four games left on their schedule, they have not only failed to live up to their lofty expectations, but they’ve also been a walking catastrophe this season.

In an episode of First Take, Magic Johnson didn’t mince his words when he castigated the Lakers’ lack of accountability from top to bottom:

“That [injuries] can’t be the excuse, though, Molly [Querim] because AD [Davis] was out last year and we made the play-in game and we made the playoffs. Accountability is big here, and the Lakers all season have not taken accountability.”

He added:

“Whether that’s individual play, whether that’s on the defensive end, whether that’s playing together, Stephen A. [Smith], my problem is with them making all these excuses, making excuses again. Quit making excuses! This thing did not work out, the parts did not fit.”

A fun day at ESPN in NYC. I had the time of my life with my boy Stephen A. and Molly on First Take today! Stephen A., I told you I was ready for you! And I always have the best time on Get Up with my longtime friend Greeny.

Following the LA Lakers’ loss to the Denver Nuggets on Sunday, Anthony Davis cited the team’s injury crisis as the primary cause for their disastrous campaign.

AD has only played 39 games this season. LeBron James has played 56, while Russell Westbrook has played 77. Having them on the floor together for 21 games wasn’t the cure to the Lakers’ titanic failures.

Magic Johnson should know that his former team is a dismal 11-10 when their trio of superstars plays together. LA’s superstar triumvirate has a laughable 107.1 offensive rating this season, which is one of the worst among teams playing a minimum of 300 minutes.

As Magic Johnson said, it’s not just about health. The LA Lakers just don’t have the right pieces to the puzzle.

Head coach Frank Vogel would become the fall guy based on Magic Johnson’s evaluation of the LA Lakers’ frustrating season

Head coach Frank Vogel would be the easiest and most convenient reason for the LA Lakers' dismal campaign.
Head coach Frank Vogel would be the easiest and most convenient reason for the LA Lakers’ dismal campaign.

LeBron James had a big hand in roster construction and, ironically enough, pushed for the Russell Westbrook trade. The move has made such a mess that it’ll take the front office to do statistical gymnastics to get a better team next season.

The LA Lakers’ franchise player obviously would be spared from the fallout. He would even be guaranteed a contract extension next season.

However, Lakers coach Frank Vogel will be the sacrificial lamb. Here’s what Magic Johnson had to say about the situation:

“It’s not all on Frank Vogel. We know his goin gotta get fired, we know that! Somebody’s gonna take a blame for this mess. It’s a mess, so somebody’s gonna take a blame. So you know they’re gonna point the finger at him.”

It’s long felt inevitable that Frank Vogel will be fired as Lakers head coach at the end of the season, but on Monday we got the first rumors about a potential replacement: Jazz head coach Quin Snyder. @LakersSBN

Vogel was given an old lineup who couldn’t shoot and didn’t have the determination to hustle and play defense. He will be a convenient scapegoat, and more could follow as the Lakers face a summer of uncertainty.

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