Red Sox get rare promising update on Xander Bogaerts front

The Boston Red Sox seem to have some positive momentum on the Xander Bogaerts front, something that’s been amiss all year.

The Red Sox have a clear response to the New York Yankees bringing back Aaron Judge on a nine-year deal, and that is to re-sign their own star in Xander Bogaerts.

Bogaerts, one of the top players remaining on the open market and a marquee shortstop, was brought up through the Boston farm system and now one of the best players on their roster. He and Rafael Devers have a chance to be the future of the Red Sox franchise.

However, as we’ve seen time and time again of late from this Sox front office, they don’t always prioritize the right things. Letting Bogaerts or Devers walk would be a mistake.

Looks like someone woke up Chaim Bloom at the perfect time.

Will the Red Sox bring Xander Bogaerts back?

The Red Sox were on bad terms with Xander Bogaerts as recently as a few days ago. They’ve had all year to offer him a reasonable contract extension, and have failed to do so. Yet, Bogaerts wasn’t shopped at the trade deadline, hinting that Boston would prefer him in their long-term plans.

Bogaerts has been courted by rival teams as a shortstop primarily. So, despite Boston’s insistence that he’ll transition to another position as he ages, that doesn’t seem to be the prerogative of rival suitors. The Red Sox signed Trevor Story, a shortstop, just last offseason with that plan in mind — either to move Bogaerts off short, or replace him altogether with Story.

Bogaerts either led or came in second on the Red Sox team in most hitting statistics, losing out to Devers on some rare occasions. He slashed .307/.377/.456 on the season with 15 home runs and 73 RBIs.

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