Refs missed hilariously-obvious penalty on Seahawks after Derek Carr INT (Video)

The Seattle Seahawks made quite the play on Sunday when a player from the bench ran onto the field to block following Derek Carr’s interception.

The Seahawks had an iconic and hilarious moment in Sunday’s game against the Las Vegas Raiders that the refs somehow completely missed. Seahawks Quandre Diggs intercepted Derek Carr’s throw, and Seahawks linebacker Darrell Taylor ran off the sideline onto the field to block.

It should’ve been a penalty, but the refs were completely oblivious to it and didn’t throw a flag.

Many are wondering: What was Taylor thinking? He’s yet to speak out, so it’s unclear exactly what was going on through his head at that moment. There’s speculation that Taylor thought Diggs was down on the play and ran onto the field to celebrate before realizing the play wasn’t over yet.

The play, however, clearly didn’t sway the game in Seattle’s favor as the Raiders won 40-34 in overtime.

Darrell Taylor’s illegal blocking didn’t influence Seahawks success

Seattle currently sits second in the NFC West standings with a 6-5 record. While a win certainly would’ve been nice, they aren’t in dire need of one and there’s not much reason to believe that Taylor would’ve made such an obvious illegal move on purpose.

For whatever reason, he ended up on the field, and it didn’t end up influencing the game. It should’ve been called as a penalty, but the Raiders ultimately didn’t fall short because of it.

Taylor is still fairly new to the league as this is only his second season, so it seems like it was just an honest mistake. Regardless, it’s one that fans will get a laugh at for years to come as it was truly bizarre.

The only thing more bizarre than Taylor running from the sidelines to block is the fact that the refs didn’t see any of it.

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