Remember when Mets “rehearsed” celebrating World Series? Here’s how many playoff games they’ve won since

The Mets practicing a World Series win might be the closest they ever get

I think the New York Mets might have invited Nathan Fielder to the NL Wild Card Series against the San Diego Padres because rehearsing a World Series win might be the closest they ever get to it.

Yeah, remember that time the Mets went full cringe and rehearsed winning the championship in spring training?

Here it is to jog your memory.

I’m all for visualizing your wins, but come on, this is just corny. Spring training is for getting the body right and ready to go, not for pinning yourself as a victor before you’ve even played a game of substance.

This is like buying the engagement ring before you even get a date.

And how, exactly, has this practice worked out for the Mets? Not great.

How many games have Mets won since this rehearsal? Just one.

Since the rehearsal of the celebration in March, 2021, the Mets have won just a single postseason game, the one game they snuck from the Padres in this year’s Wild Card round. They failed to qualify for the postseason at all in 2021.

The Mets are lucky the format is best-of-three. If it was sudden death, they wouldn’t have even squeaked away a single win.

After leading the NL East for a substantial part of the season and winning 101 games, they don’t even advance to the divisional round, losing to the 89-win Padres.

Meanwhile, the cross-town rival Yankees — who the Mets will always be compared to whether they like it or not — got a bye and are favored in the divisional round to get to the ALCS.

While fans thought this might be the year we got a rematch of the Yankees-Mets Subway Series World Series, the Mets didn’t hold up their end of the bargain. Not even close.

At least there are only five months until the Mets can get back to rehearsal.

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