Rougned Odor’s impossible slide is like something out of ‘The Matrix’

This isn’t a clip that requires a flowery lead in. Just look at this.

You can watch this Rougned Odor slide a hundred times in a row and still wonder how in the hell he managed to avoid being tagged. He’s more or less completely out of control, but contorts every part of his body he can to ensure he’s not out. It’s almost like swimming across the dirt, making a big freestyle stroke that avoids the glove and ends up being safe.

This isn’t something that can be practiced, or trained — not really. It’s all about instinct. Odor felt where the tag was coming from, and just did everything he could to get around it, and gave us one of the highlights of the year as a result.

The Orioles went on to win 9-6, but that result will largely be forgotten. This clip will be watched for YEARS and live in history.

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