Sam Ehlinger didn’t help the Colts escape their blazing dumpster fire

As it turns out, going with Sam Ehlinger at quarterback did not improve the Indianapolis Colts.

Sam Ehlinger almost brought Texas back, just like he almost won his first game as the Indianapolis Colts starting quarterback.

Injuries, benching, whatever. Matt Ryan would have won this game for the Colts at home over Taylor Heinicke and the rest of the Washington Commanders. There is no denying it anymore. The Colts have no idea what they are doing. Frank Reich ain’t it, and he is probably going to cost Chris Ballard his job, too. Jim Irsay needs to prepare for an eighth straight year with an AFC South crown.

At 3-4-1, what makes you think the Colts are going to take a turn for the better in the second half?

Former Texas star quarterback Sam Ehlinger couldn’t bring the Colts back either

The only saving grace for the Colts is they play in a division with the crap-tastic Houston Texans and the always-toothless Jacksonville Jaguars. Too bad the Colts have already been swept by Mike Vrabel’s Tennessee Titans, a team that actually won a game with its backup quarterback on Sunday, as Malik Willis went 6-for-10 with 55 yards passing and a pick in his first career NFL start.

I don’t really know what to say here other than this team is cooked. We can’t keep taking the bait at the podium anymore. We are being sold a bill of goods that maybe one day this team will be good enough to win the AFC South and get back to contending for Super Bowls. This isn’t an impossible ask, but the Colts keep treating the division crown like an asymptote it can never cross.

Look. This isn’t on Ehlinger. It was his first start. This is on the entire operation. A one-point loss at home to a Washington football team shouldn’t make fans bail on this team faster than the Colts did on Matt Ryan, but enough is enough! Washington is the league’s most dysfunctional mess and the Commanders came into your building and beat you with an at-best stop-gap starter.

If the Colts run it back, they might as well help the Titans raise yet another AFC South title banner.

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