SEE IT! NASCAR’s Joey Logano does big flip at Talladega

So this happened to Joey Logano today.

So this happened to Joey Logano today.
Screenshot: FOX

To paraphrase a line from the great Ricky Bobby — Yup. Joey Logano is flying through the air. This is not good.

Who needs Fast and Furious No. 782 when you have the Talladega 500? And no, not the movie, the actual NASCAR race. Although… Joey Logano’s car did look like Ricky Bobby’s this afternoon.

Thankfully, the dangerous crash left the driver and other competitors unharmed.

But this next angle from Bubba Wallace’s car might make you fall out of your chair. Or worse…

After the crash, one commentator on the Fox broadcast team said, “DoorDash is [Wallace’s] new sponsor. I mean, DoorDash needs some new underwear after watching that.”

Don’t we all.

I was stunned, STUNNED, to see Logano upright and conscious after the wreck. A few minutes after the crash, he gave an interview with Fox.

“On one hand, I’m so proud to drive a Cup car that is safe that I can go through a crash like that and get out and speak about it,” he told the network. “On the other hand, when are we going to stop? Because this is dangerous what we’re doing.”

He continued, “I’m one hit away from the same situation Ryan Newman just went through.”

Last year, Newman was hospitalized after an even scarier crash at the Talladega 500.

He returned to the Cup series a few months later.

Thankfully, Logano, too, can walk away from this potentially deadly wreck physically unharmed.

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