Shannon Sharpe blasts “dumb” DJ Moore over excessive celebration that cost Panthers the game

NFL Hall of Famer has slammed “dumb” Panthers receiver D.J. Moore after the 25-year-old was flagged for excessive celebration. That might not seem like something that warrants Sharpes’ words, but in the grand scheme of the game, many say it cost Carolina the win.

With under 20 seconds to go, P.J. Walker launched a long pass to Moore with the Panthers needing a touchdown to take the lead. Moore hauled in the catch and then proceeded to celebrate by taking off his helmet.

PJ Walker finds DJ Moore on a last-ditch effort deep down field for a touchdown: but Moore is flagged for excessive celebration, creating a long MISSED extra point to keep the #Panthers and #Falcons tied at 34

That’s a no-no.

With the penalty yardage enforced for the extra point attempt (Panthers needed it to win), making it a long attempt. As it turned out, Carolina missed the extra point and would go on to lose the game in overtime. Sharpe took to Twitter to help fans give context to the flag.

“That’s been a rule. NFL isn’t changing a rule because players choose to be DUMB at the most inopportune time.”

That’s been a rule. NFL isn’t changing a rule because players choose to be DUMB at the most inopportune time.…

Sharpe was going back and forth with a fan who didn’t agree with the flag after the Hall of Famer said the game ended the way it was supposed to.

The gm ended in ATL how it was suppose to end. Make players pay the ultimate price for being selfish and DUMB. Hopefully it deters others from selfish behavior. It won’t, but it will deter Moore from ever doing it again.

At the time, Moore would have been on cloud nine after his impressive catch from Walker, but it quickly turned to disaster as the extra point was missed. Still, the kicker in all likelihood should have converted it. But it was made difficult due to the penalty.

Moore’s penalty costs Panthers in loss to Falcons

Carolina Panthers v Atlanta Falcons
Carolina Panthers v Atlanta Falcons

The normal chip shot field goal would have meant that Carolina would build on its impressive win over Tampa Bay last week. It would signal back-to-back wins. Unfortunately, it didn’t pan out that way.

The loss will no doubt sting the Panthers, given that they had the game in their grasp to win.

The receiver still had a good day, catching six passes for 152 yards and his now infamous touchdown. Had the extra point been made, nothing would have been said, but given what happened, it has taken center stage.

Carolina now sits bottom of the NFC South with a disappointing 2-6 record. While many fans agree that the penalty was a little rough, others have stated that every player knows the rules.

Nevertheless, hopefully the 25-year-old will think twice next time he reaches paydirt.

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