“She never let me forget real life during the stressful everyday life on tour” – Roger Federer on wife Mirka

Roger Federer recently waxed lyrical about wife Mirka’s role in his life, both on and off the court. He revealed how his wife has ably supported him through the good as well as the bad times and, more importantly, helped him balance all aspects of his life.

The two have been married since 2009 and are parents to four children – Leo, Lenny, Charlene, and Myla. However, Roger and Miroslava (Mirka) had known each other since 2000, well before the 40-year-old established himself as the great champion he is now.

During a recent interview with Caminada, the 20-time Major champion was asked to elaborate on his wife’s importance throughout his life and career. Federer heaped praise on Mirka and hailed her influence, revealing how she always gives her full support and guidance.

“When I got together with Mirka, I didn’t have a single title on the tour,” said the 40-year-old. “She’s a strong, intelligent woman, and her influence on my career and on me as a person has been huge. Mirka gave me confidence and taught me to do my best. And she comforted me when I lost. In addition, she never let me forget real, real life during the stressful everyday life on tour.”

Federer further revealed how Mirka would help him stave off critics during lean patches and would instead guide him towards the advice of near and dear ones.

“She kept our friends and family together and showed me how important it is to make your own way and not to listen to the media or critics, but to trust the advice of friends and family,” he said. “Our life together is intense and exciting, and fortunately there is always a lot to laugh about. We also have four children together, and we are doing all we can to ensure their future. I’m sure.”

“Mirka lost her homeland as a child when she came here from Slovakia with her family” – Roger Federer

Roger Federer's wife, Mirka, during the 2020 Australian Open.
Roger Federer’s wife, Mirka, during the 2020 Australian Open.

During the interview, Federer’s attention was brought to the horrific conditions in Ukraine due to the ongoing acts of aggression carried out on its land by Russia.

The Swiss was asked if he discusses the ongoing war with his children, to which he answered in the affirmative. He reminisced about imageries from the Gulf War, which had taken the world by storm during his teens.

“Naturally. But how much is too much? I can still remember watching TV pictures from Kuwait when I was a boy,” Federer said. “I can still see the green rockets in the sky clearly in front of me. At that time we were further away from the war here in Switzerland.”

The former World No. 1 continued by explaining how he and Mirka are “extremely concerned” with the current situation. He mentioned how his wife is sympathetic towards the suffering of refugees since she originally hails from a war-torn region.

“Mirka and I are extremely concerned about the state of the world,” said the Swiss. “We have passed out. It’s difficult to exemplify carefree joy when you’re down yourself. Mirka lost her homeland as a child when she came here from Slovakia with her family. She is extremely hurt by the misery of the refugees.

“Our foundation wants to help traumatized children,” he added. “I hope that the four of our kids, when they grow up, will want to be involved with the foundation or do good in the world.”

Edited by Sudeshna Banerjee

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