“She’s like a nuclear scientist” – Mark Henry disappointed top WWE star is not used properly

Ronda Rousey is not being used to her maximum potential by WWE, according to Mark Henry.

Rousey, who returned to WWE in January, recently revealed that she was asked to smile more by Vince McMahon. McMahon said that the fans had forgiven her after they booed the former UFC star during her previous run with the company.

Mark Henry, on the Busted Open show, expressed his disappointment at Ronda Rousey’s current character in WWE. The Hall of Famer thinks that her character is a dulled-down version when compared to her first run.

“I was very disappointed that she’s not used the (right) way. I’ve talked to her and she’s like a nuclear scientist. So smart, so accomplished and so tough. People like that, you just have to let ’em go. The reins are too tight on Ronda. Let Ronda go out there and be her – and if it comes across as arrogant and not too babyface enough for you, then tough. Tell Charlotte to turn it up. Make the other person work harder because I don’t see Ronda trying to be glib with Charlotte,” said Henry. (From 8:40 to 9:34)

Mark Henry feels that Rousey should be presented like Ken Shamrock when he was in a feud with The Rock, where she can be menacing even if she’s a babyface. Bully Ray, who was also on the show, was also disappointed and thinks that motherhood may have toned down Rousey’s character.

Dutch Mantell feels WWE hasn’t trained Rousey to speak on the mic

Former WWE personality Dutch Mantell thinks the company should have done a better job in training Ronda Rousey to cut effective promos.

“Well, somebody, they haven’t trained her at all on how to speak to a crowd because when she started speaking, she started speaking in an ordinary voice. They couldn’t hear her, even with a mic, So, if you say she has a problem with it [cutting promos], I agree,” said Mantell.

Mantell also pointed out that Rousey seemed to have forgotten her lines on the last SmackDown show.

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