Should Aaron Rodgers actually consider retiring?

After throwing 3 interceptions and losing to the Detroit Lions, it might be time for Aaron Rodgers to consider retiring from the NFL

A 15-9 loss to the now 2-6 Detroit Lions is not how Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers drew up his plans for Sunday. Nor did he expect three interceptions to be part of the equation.

After 9 games this season, Rodgers has seven interceptions against only 14 touchdowns, the worst ratio of his NFL tenure. His QBR is also at a career low.

At this point in the season, it’s difficult to separate Rodgers’s performance from the team’s, but this loss was perhaps the worst the four-time MVP has looked in years. Rodgers has spent a lot of time this season criticizing his receiving core, but perhaps it’s time to look inward.

Aaron Rodgers’ time in the league feels as though it could come to an end soon

Despite the COVID drama surrounding the superstar during the 2021 season, Rodgers had a career year. As a result, the Green Bay Packers signed Rodgers to a three-year $150 million deal, making him the highest-paid QB in the NFL. But this contract left little room for supporting pieces and prompted Davante Adams to sign with the Las Vegas Raiders.

The Packers thought they’d be able to get by with a strong defense and one of the QBs of the modern era, but Rodgers has learned that even he can’t carry a team on his own.

Rodgers has said that he’s always thinking about his next steps and retirement, but maybe it’s time for him to seriously consider it. The Packers are tied for second in the NFC North, but with a 3-6 record, a Wild Card playoff spot looks like it’ll be tough to grasp.

The team doesn’t look like it’ll be a title contender any time soon. Why stick around? He could request a trade at the end of the season. But few teams could take on his salary and compete.

Alternatively, Rodgers could call it quits. Without a clear path to a title, it’s difficult to see his incentive for staying. It’s not like he needs the money. And his legacy could become further tarnished by underperforming and captaining losing teams. Though he might not say it publicly this week, surely these thoughts have crossed the (once) great QB’s mind.

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