“Somebody has to pay for the sins of others” – Skip Bayless believes 2-time MVP is not the problem at the Brooklyn Nets, says he’s not the solution as well

Brooklyn Nets coach Steve Nash has come under immense criticism, especially from Skip Bayless, after his team’s playoff shortcomings this year.

On Fox Sports’ “Skip and Shannon: Undisputed,” Bayless said Nash isn’t necessarily the reason why Brooklyn was swept in four games by the Boston Celtics. But he said Nash doesn’t provide a solution to their problems, either. Bayless said:

“Obviously, Steve Nash was disqualified before he even sat down on the bench to coach. He was disqualified. We don’t need a coach. That’s all you need to know. I’m still not sure Steve Nash was the problem, but he definitely wasn’t the solution. Definitely not the solution.

“It’s the way of the NBA world. It’s the law of the NBA jungle that when it doesn’t work, for whatever reason, there’s only one guy that’s expendable, because you can’t fire a Kevin (Durant) or you can’t fire a Kyrie (Irving). You just fire that guy. Somebody has to pay for the sins of everybody else, and it is just to easy to say that it is that guy.”

Is Skip Bayless right about Steve Nash not being the solution for the Nets?

Steve Nash and Kyrie Irving against the Boston Celtics in Game 2
Steve Nash and Kyrie Irving against the Boston Celtics in Game 2

Steve Nash was dealt an incredible hand as his first head coaching job was coaching a three-headed monster in Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant and James Harden. However, things started to unravel and Ben Simmons replaced Harden in that trio in February.

Things started to unravel even more as Irving’s non-vaccination stance started to cause friction. Their performances on the court lacked as the franchise desperately needed a second superstar to alleviate Durant’s scoring burden. He then succumbed to a knee injury as Brooklyn went from the Eastern Conference lead to needing to reach the playoffs through a play-in spot.

However, upon Irving’s return, one of the biggest problems that continued to persist for the Nets was their defense. They were ranked 20th in the league in defensive ratings. They never fixed that as they were also missing Joe Harris for much of the season.

After the departure of Harden, Simmons’ acquisition was supposed to help the team defensively while also orchestrating the offense. However, he failed to play a single minute due to a back injury.

All these reasons have led to questions being asked over Steve Nash’s capabilities as a coach. Critics wonder whether he is the right man to take the Nets forward and win the championship.

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