Southern Charm Season 8 reunion: Why are fans in favor of Kathryn Dennis comparing Shep Rose to her ex Thomas Ravenel?

The Southern Charm Season 8 reunion part 1, which aired on Thursday, October 6, 2022, turned out to be intense and dramatic.

Shep Rose and Taylor Ann Green, who were in a relationship until the finale episode of Southern Charm Season 8, broke up days before the reunion. On Thursday’s episode, Taylor was seen in tears while accusing Shep of sleeping with women within two months of their breakup.

Kathryn Dennis jumped into the conversation and claimed that Shep was becoming like her ex Thomas Ravenel. Although the show’s fans are not super admirers of Kathryn, they still agree with her observation.

For those unaware, Thomas was part of the Bravo show from Season 1 to 5. Viewers saw his and Kathryn’s on and off relationship, and amid that, the two became parents to two kids. Post their second child, the couple parted ways, and in Season 5, he was fired from the show due to his involvement in a legal case.

Southern Charm fans compare Shep Rose to Thomas Ravenel

In Southern Charm Season 8 reunion, Kathryn stated that Shep has turned into Thomas. Fans supported her judgment as they too felt the same.

Take a look at fans’ reaction:

The last episode I had the thought that Shep truly is becoming Thomas and it’s unfortunate (and icky). So Katherine hit the nail on the head. #SouthernCharm

Kathryn is so right. Shep is becoming Thomas. It’s so sad. I had hopes for him at the beginning, but I think he will always be a lost soul. #SouthernCharm

#Southerncharm TAYLOR! Good for You ! Get it all Out, However, SHEP was never going to commit! & Kathryn Said it correctly-He is Just like Thomas Ravenel! SHEP to me is Unattractive because he Is SELFISH ‼️

Katherine is right. I’ve been saying all season that Shep is basically showing us Thomas’ villain origin story lol he becomes more and more like him every year #southerncharm

Shep is worse than Thomas now. He acts like a 5 year old. Grow tf up it’s disgusting 🤢#SouthernCharm

Austin is slowly transitioning into to Shep who is the new Thomas. #SouthernCharm

How are Shep and Thomas similar?

Thomas and Kathryn parted ways because he had commitment issues. Even after having two children together, Thomas was afraid of marriage and a life-long commitment. It was the same reason why Taylor Ann Green and Shep Rose broke up.

Like Thomas, Shep was also against marriage and had commitment issues. In the latest reunion episode, Taylor accused Shep of sleeping with women within a few months of their break-up. She questioned him about whether he was faithful when they were dating.


Towards the end of Season 8, Shep made Taylor quit his job and travel with him. When the two returned to Charleston after their trips, Shep still didn’t agree to commit to Taylor for marriage. The two then broke-up.

Coming back to Thomas and Kathryn, he made headlines stating that he allegedly assaulted his kids’ nanny. Reports made the rounds after he parted ways with Kathryn.


Kathryn then later confessed how she lost her way in that relationship with Thomas.

She said:

“Thomas is very troubled, so he’s a lot to handle. Whenever I was with him, it was always constantly placating him, constantly being his therapist. I gave everything to him, literally. I devoted myself completely to him, whether or not people believe that I loved him genuinely or not, I truly did, and I will stand by that until I die.”

Kathryn continued:

“In that same period, I forgot what I loved to do, what I think. I had to kind of always conform just so he wouldn’t have an outburst. I lost myself. I stopped painting, I stopped modeling, I stopped caring. Now that I’m not with him, I’m realizing things I love again.”

It looks like fans saw similarities in both Shep and Thomas’ cases, and thus, sided with Kathryn in the Season 8 reunion.

When will the Southern Charm Season 8 reunion part-2 air?

The final part of the Southern Charm Season 8 reunion will air on Thursday, October 13, 2022, at 8.00 PM ET on Bravo.

The cast members who will be featured in the episode include Taylor, Shep, Kathryn, Naomi Olindo, Austen Kroll, Leva Bonaparte, Craig Conover, Olivia Flowers, Venita Aspen, and Madison LeCroy.

The reunion is hosted by Bravo personality Andy Cohen.

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