Starbucks 4th of July hours: Is Starbucks open on July 4th? [Updated July 2022]

Starbucks hours: Is Starbucks open or closed on Fourth of July 2022?

Holidays require the proper amount of caffeine and energy to get through the day, especially the Fourth of July. Before hitting your family’s or friends’ barbecue, stopping by your local Starbucks may be the right idea.

Coffee is essential to enjoying life, at least for some people, so why wouldn’t it be on Independence Day?

So the question is, what are Starbucks’ Fourth of July hours, and will those who need some caffeinated beverage or delicious treat? Maybe trying a secret Starbucks beverage could help make your social photos more festive.

Starbucks Fourth of July hours: Is Starbucks open?

Thankfully, Starbucks is open on the Fourth of July for some people. However, not all Starbucks are created equal because some locations are open, and others could be closed.

So before going to try a new drink, grab your favorite coffee or hit up your local Starbucks — it’s always safer to give your local location a call and double-check.

There are a few secret menu items that Starbucks-lovers can try just for the Fourth of July, but the one that stood out and seemed the easiest to order is a “Firecracker,” a lovely red and white beverage with caffeine and a tropical taste.

It’s truly gorgeous to look at and something easy to order. However, you cannot flat-out order a firecracker drink, which means you have to be specific.

Start off by ordering a venti (large) Mango Dragonfruit Lemonade Refresher with no dragon fruit pieces — unless you’re into that, but it does take away from the aesthetics.

You’re not done yet — ask for one pump of Raspberry Syrup, then ask for a little Passion Tea over the ice. Be specific with asking for it over the ice or it will not have an ombre look.

As for other holidays, Starbucks usually keeps its doors open in some capacity, but always check your local stores for the most accurate hours.

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