Steelers fans are hoping Matt Canada’s latest quote hints at his fate

Pittsburgh Steelers offensive coordinator Matt Canada knows that the writing is on the wall for him after this season.

What’s the best way to stunt the development of a rookie quarterback? Stick him in a bad offensive system, with a bad offensive coordinator. That’s exactly what’s happened with the Steelers and Kenny Pickett.

Yet, asking Pickett to learn a second offense in Year 2 isn’t exactly ideal, either. How is he supposed to grow as a passer if he’s spending next offseason learning a new playbook?

Pittsburgh is in a tough situation with Canada, who arguably shouldn’t have been hired in the first place. He definitely should not have made it to Year 2, entering the post-Ben Roethlisberger years. But, here we are, and Canada is a lame-duck OC who appears unlikely to remain with the Steelers next year.

Steelers: Matt Canada tries to save his coaching staff

Canada fell on the sword after another lackluster second-half performance in a loss to the Bengals, hoping to save his offensive staff, at the very least.

“We got a staff, a really, really, really good offensive staff. You can take me out of it. That would fit what everyone wants to do,” Canada said.

Is Canada entirely to blame for Pittsburgh’s struggles, however?

His scheme is best employed at the collegiate level, and with the speed available at the NFL level, it was always unlikely to succeed. Mike Tomlin, a defensive coach, likely doesn’t have much input on that side of the ball.

The Steelers need a scapegoat for their offensive struggles, and since the middle of last season, they’ve been among the worst teams in that department. Pittsburgh fails to move the ball consistently, and forces their defense to play perfect football, which is virtually impossible in this era.

By no means should Canada be leading an offense at the professional level. He’s earned more than enough of an opportunity, and his days of failing upwards appear to be behind him.

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