Steve Robinson wants heavyweight redemption against Nick Campbell: ‘There’s two gladiators in the ring and there’s only one leaving victorious’

Steve Robinson is looking for redemption when he boxes unbeaten Scottish heavyweight Nick Campbell next week.

Robinson suffered the first defeat of his pro career in an upset loss to Shane Gill in February.

He is though taking the opportunity to bounce back when he fights Campbell on the December 17 Bournemouth bill, live on Sky Sports.

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Shane Gill batters Steve Robinson in the early rounds on his way to a points victory which ends Robinson’s unbeaten run

“I don’t want to be bubble-wrapped after that loss. I don’t want to go on five, six fights against nobodies to get to where I need to be. I know Nick is in my path to where I need to go,” Robinson said.

“I’ve no doubt come Saturday the 17th I’ll show why I should be up there.”

Robinson insists he will learn from the Gill fight and move on. “I always say if you look in the rear view mirror the whole time you’re driving your car, you’re going to crash,” he told Sky Sports.

“It was tough [to come back]. It comes with the sport and without having a thick skin you wouldn’t be where you are in boxing. It was hard, it was tough. But like I say it’s pointless looking back at the past. It’s about creating the future and making sure that what I do from now on out is correct.

“We’ll see on December 17 where I deserve to be.”

Steve Robinson
Steve Robinson is focused on his future

Campbell is not only undefeated, he has won all of his five fights so far inside the distance. But Robinson has seen flaws in his boxing.

“He wants to keep that momentum going with the knockouts,” Robinson said.

“He’s apparently heavy-handed, his shots are stiff. But when your shots are stiff and you’re heavy-handed you leave yourself vulnerable. You become stiff and if you’re not moving around then there are things to exploit. I can see it not going past the fourth.

“It’s Valhalla and I’ll show that,” the Newcastle man added. “I’ll just make sure that no matter what I leave that ring victorious.”

Robinson says the England versus Scotland aspect of their clash will give it an extra edge.

Live Fight Night

Saturday 17th December 7:30pm

“The only good thing to come out of Scotland is the road to Newcastle!” he said jovially.

“We’ve got the World Cup final the day after and there’s the possibility still that England could be in that. If that happened, I think that would add a little bit extra and it would be fantastic. I think the whole England-Scotland thing, we see it in all sports, it’ll always have that little bit of excitement element involved. It’s history, isn’t it?”

He is adamant the fight will get vicious. “You can be as friendly as you want and then come that ringwalk and getting into that ring, it all goes out the window,” he said. “Mentally you’ve got to switch that quick.

“There’s two gladiators in the ring. And there’s only one leaving victorious.”

Nick Campbell vs Steve Robinson takes place on the undercard of the December 17 Bournemouth bill, live on Sky Sports

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