Surprise Jerry Jeudy trade partner emerging for Broncos

Denver Broncos wide receiver Jerry Jeudy is reportedly being eyed by the New York Giants in a trade for the right price.

The New York Giants are reportedly aiming large by hoping to trade for Denver Broncos wide receiver Jerry Jeudy for ‘the right price,’ according to Dov Kleiman. Jeudy was a first-round pick for Denver in 2020 and is certainly living up to his expectations. The Giants need the help as they’ve struggled to throw this season, but Jeudy probably won’t be easy to acquire.

According to Ralph Vacchiano of Fox Sports, the Giants have also called about Brandin Cooks, but “they particularly like Jeudy, a source said, and Daboll knows him well since they were together at Alabama in 2017.”

The Broncos are also reportedly making it extremely difficult to acquire Jeudy. According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, Denver has no plans of trading any of their wide receivers. If they do decide to make a trade, it’d be for a steep offer.

It’d make sense for the Broncos to hold onto Jeudy as they undergo roster construction during a tough season.

The Broncos would benefit from keeping WR Jerry Jeudy

The Broncos have had a tough run so far this season going 3-5 and falling third in the AFC West. They defeated the Jacksonville Jaguars 21-17 on Sunday with credit due to Jeudy as he covered 63 yards for an average of 10.5 per reception and had a touchdown.

He’s had three touchdowns so far this season over 449 yards and an average of 15 yards per reception. He’s just starting to pay off for what he’s worth, and it’d only make Denver slide backwards if they get rid of him now, unless presented with an even better wide receiver who could replace him.

Though there are better wide receivers in the league, they certainly wouldn’t come from the Giants and they’d be extremely difficult to acquire from other teams. The Broncos best bet is to hold onto Jeudy this season, no matter how much they could get for him.

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