“Take a bow, Phil Nevin!” “Continued evidence brawls are dumb” – Los Angeles Angels fans unhappy after pitcher Archie Bradley injures arm jumping over the barricade during fight with Seattle Mariners

The unlucky streak just won’t end for the Los Angeles Angels, as they now find themselves without Archie Bradley for at least four weeks. The brawl against the Seattle Mariners may have happened days ago, but new stories continue to emerge.

This injury is one of the unfortunate realities of a situation like this, where the chaos is impossible to manage. The MLB suspended Los Angeles Angels interim manager Phil Nevin for 10 games. This indicates the league feels much of the responsibility falls on him.

Erica Weston was the first to report the injury to Archie Bradley on Twitter.

Archie Bradley was injured jumping over the railing on Sunday. He injured his arm on the fall. He’ll be out from throwing for at least four weeks, if not longer.

Many Los Angeles Angels fans feel this is a direct result of the actions of their interim manager Phil Nevin. Since the MLB did not let Phil Nevin off the hook, neither do the fans.

The Los Angeles Angels’ brawl with the Seattle Mariners is only the most recent example of such an event. While the punishments were severe, it seems likely that they will continue to happen until significant changes are made.

Continued evidence brawls are dumb.…

The Los Angeles Angels have had a brutal season, and this latest injury is just another hurdle to overcome. This injury was completely avoidable.

Los Angeles Angels fans upset with team in wake of Archie Bradley’s injury

Archie Bradley will be out for at least four weeks.
Archie Bradley will be out for at least four weeks.

Bench-clearing brawls sometimes have terrible ramifications. A season-altering injury is a worst-case scenario. This has left many fans questioning how it was allowed to happen when everybody knows the risks.

More and more layers are being added to the chapter of this brawl and now we have this. 👇…

Many fans are left seeking an explanation for the injury and the season as a whole. It’s easy to assume that having Mike Trout and Shohei Ohtani on the same team is a recipe for victory, but that is not the case.

The @Angels are cursed. It’s not bad luck. It’s not misfortune. It’s a curse.…

The hardest part of the injury to accept is that it was largely their own doing. While the Seattle Mariners instigated and engaged in the brawl, Mariners fans feel they were reacting to actions of the Angels.

lol what a dumb franchise angels brought this on themselves by being dummies 🤷🏻‍♀️…

Some Angels personnel allegedly felt targeted in the game before when Mike Trout was almost hit in the head by a high inside pitch. Fans speculate the melee resulted from the Angels’ desire to take justice into their own hands. Unfortunately, severe suspensions and freak injuries are often a result of this form of justice.

Angels can’t even brawl correctly 🤡🤡🤡…

Having a player injured while on his way to the fight rather than in the fight itself is certainly a rarity. This is a terrible, but unique, way to derail your season.

Baseball continues to have the strangest injuries.…

Archie Bradley is looking at a long recovery time after the brawl against the Seattle Mariners, and fans hope this ordeal serves as a warning. Bench-clearing brawls can’t be eliminated without significant rule changes. Hopefully, the repurcussions will make teams think twice.

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